Personalized Letters from Santa Include:
  • 8 to 10 things Santa knows about the recipient
  • Letter printed on Santa's own 2010 watercolor stationery with matching envelope
  • Handwritten, sparkly signature
  • North Pole "Postmark"
  • Santa's embossed, golden seal
  • Christmas stamp
  • Optional, limited edition Christmas tree ornament

Adult Humorous Letter #1

To personalize your letter, please fill in the green fields throughout the form.

Dear name,

How are you doing this Christmas season? A little stressed out? Too much to do and not enough time? Tell me about it! I'm an expert when it comes to too much to do and not enough time, so you can't whine to me about it. And you certainly can't use your stress levels as an excuse for winding up on my Naughty List! What a bad gender you've been! I can't believe that at age years old, I am looking at my lists and feeling so disappointed in you. It's time to shape up or you'll have to deal with Mrs. Claus showing up unexpectedly for one of her little disciplinary sessions. Trust me, it's not a pretty process. Oh, and It's about time you cut down on worst vice or behavior, don't you think? Even best friend, spouse, important person is getting fed up with that habit. Cut it out already!

Now as grumpy as I may be with you, I do recognize that you have a pretty good heart and although you've been naughty, you actually do some things right. So, I wanted to take this moment to let you know how happy I am that you best attribute. I also wanted to congratulate you for recent accomplishment. Good job!

I know that what you really want for Christmas is desired gift. Well, quit your whining and get out there and work for it! If you had landed on my Good List, I might have surprised you with that gift, but as of now, I plan to leave you coal. There is a chance you could redeem yourself with me, however, but it will require a serious effort on your part. First you would need to start doing all the things that the good boys and girls do and you would need to cut out all those naughty little habits of yours. In addition, when I pass through hometown or town where will be for Christmas on Christmas Eve, if you were to leave favorite food or snack and alcoholic beverage or other favorite drink for me, it would earn you quite a few brownie points toward getting back on my Good List. Hint. Hint.

Well, have a Merry Christmas.

With warmth and affection,

P.S. (optional)