Personalized Letters from Santa Include:
  • 8 to 10 things Santa knows about the recipient
  • Letter printed on Santa's own 2010 watercolor stationery with matching envelope
  • Handwritten, sparkly signature
  • North Pole "Postmark"
  • Santa's embossed, golden seal
  • Christmas stamp
  • Optional, limited edition Christmas tree ornament

Not-So-Good-Kid Letter

To personalize your letter, please fill in the green fields throughout the form.

Merry Christmas, name!

How are you? Are you surprised to get a letter from me? I sure have been thinking of you a lot this season. I know that it hasn't been the easiest time for you or your person(s) who child lives with. Sometimes it can be difficult to do as you are expected to. I see that you have struggled with minor behavior problem. I also notice that you especially need to work on larger behavior problem. I understand that it isn't easy for you, but it is very important that you improve these behaviors for your sake as well as your family's sake. Everyone would benefit from this extra effort, most importantly you. We both know you can do better. Impress me!

It is so beautiful here at the North Pole this time of year. As I sit here looking out the window, sipping on my hot chocolate, I realize that you are already age years old. Wow, how the time does seem to fly just as fast as Rudolph. You have a good heart, name. Always listen to your heart's inner voice when deciding what to do and how to behave.

I know that you are really hoping for most desired gift and other desired gift this year. I need for you to do me a favor and work on behaving better. Though I can't make any promises, if I can see the improvement and feel that you will continue to work on that even after Christmas, I will see what I can do about getting those gifts ready and into the sleigh on time.

Your friend, cousin or other important relationship to child, name of person is also getting excited about Christmas. Tell gender of person that I have something special in mind for gender of person. I look forward to visiting both of you this Christmas.

Well, my elves are calling me. It seems we have a bit of an emergency in the workshop I must attend to.

Be good and happy this season.

Your friend,

P.S. (optional)