Personalized Letters from Santa Include:
  • 8 to 10 things Santa knows about the recipient
  • Letter printed on Santa's own 2010 watercolor stationery with matching envelope
  • Handwritten, sparkly signature
  • North Pole "Postmark"
  • Santa's embossed, golden seal
  • Christmas stamp
  • Optional, limited edition Christmas tree ornament

About Santa's Style - Letter from Santa

Here at Santa´s Style we strive to enhance and nourish the imagination while helping to create magical Christmas memories in the process. We believe that all great endeavors begin with a spark of imagination, therefore rendering it the cornerstone of a happy, productive life. By feeding this important source of a child’s creative abilities (and re-igniting this once natural tendency all too often suppressed in adults), we are contributing to the development of happier, healthier individuals and ultimately a more joyful, peaceful world.

We offer you the highest quality raw materials combined with both careful attention to detail and the feeling of true joy that only comes from those who love what they do. We believe that what we do makes a difference in the lives of children and their families alike. We are happy to offer the products and service of Santa´s Style, which are truly handled with love and care.

Thank you for considering gracing the lives of loved ones with gifts from Santa´s Style this holiday season. Surely they will not only be some of the most affordable gifts you purchase this year, but also the most memorable.

Happy Holidays!




“The kids LOVED getting their letters from Santa. I thought you had a super easy site to navigate and really interesting letters.”  Cheri Detwiller, Grand Rapids, michigan.


“My kids were so thrilled when their letters from Santa arrived in the mail! The letters are absolutely beautiful which adds to the experience of getting a personalized note from Santa. Santa's letters are very positive mentioning the kid's strengths and accomplishments and suggesting areas for improvement. The kids were amazed that Santa's elves actually have been watching and had this type of information about them. My daughter, almost 6, keeps her letter in a shoebox in her closet with birthday cards and drawings. I sometimes remind her of the letter when I ask her to pick up her stuff because who knows, Santa may be sharing information with the Easter bunny and tooth fairy:) We will definitely be making the letters from Santa a yearly tradition- thanks again!”  Nora Snyder, Cleveland, Ohio.