Personalized Letters from Santa Include:
  • 8 to 10 things Santa knows about the recipient
  • Letter printed on Santa's own 2010 watercolor stationery with matching envelope
  • Handwritten, sparkly signature
  • North Pole "Postmark"
  • Santa's embossed, golden seal
  • Christmas stamp
  • Optional, limited edition Christmas tree ornament

Limited Edition Ornaments : A Letter from Santa

Santa’s watercolor painting has inspired a Christmas ornament to match the stationery. The pearl white, glass bulb is extra large (3 ¼” in diameter). The watercolor of Santa in his sleigh on the front and a collage of colorful Christmas vocabulary on the back, wrap completely around it. The image is printed onto a clear, plastic sheet that is permanently banded onto the ornament. This protects the image for greater durability, allowing it to be enjoyed for many years to come. 

Individually packaged in a clear, display box, this ornament is a hand numbered and dated, limited edition keepsake. It is garnished with a golden ribbon and also includes a handmade note card with Santa’s handwritten signature. Give it as a gift in and of itself or in addition to a personalized letter, as a special reminder of the intimate communication between the recipient and Santa.

Order now, only $19.99 (available while supplies last).

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